We at Selco USA, Inc. have extensive knowledge of the marine industry. Our product lines, which originated in Europe in 1961, are now shipped to more than 85 nations each year. Whether you need a Ground Fault Monitor and Detector for early detection of immediate and trending ground faults, Arc Protection Relay for unparalleled switchgear protection, or any other protective device, we can help! 

What makes me different?

Ground Fault Monitor/Detector | High Resistance Grounding System

In an electric power system, a fault or fault current is any abnormal electric current. For example, a short circuit is a fault in which the current bypasses the normal load. An open-circuit fault occurs if a circuit is interrupted by some failure. In three-phase systems, a fault may involve one or more phases and ground or may occur only between phases. In a “ground fault” or “earth fault”, current flows into the earth. 

Electronic Potentiometer

Motorized Potentiometer is the modernized version of the mechanical potentiometer, designed to be used in a variety of industrial automation and process control applications. These devices are easy to install, operate, and maintain and can be used with synchronizing and load sharing units or to give speed reference to any electronic regulator or AVR controllers. 

Motorized Potentiometer 

 Our new and improved motorized potentiometers help to increase productivity by offering many great features like Instant reset, Power capacity limiting function, and more. Some of our models are typically used as a link between increase/decrease relay contacts and equipment requiring control from an external potentiometer. Selco USA offers a wide range of configurations and options for motorized potentiometer at competitive prices. 

Engine Controller

Engine Controller for electronic and Mechanical engines, providing superior access to key vitals for the engines and ensures the safety and longevity of the engine is maintained.  Some offer reminders when service time is up and gives viable indications. These devices are responsible to control and protect marine engines and ensure its optimum performance.