Let Us Have A Look On The Types Of Potentiometer  

The potentiometer is certainly something you are familiar with if you work in the marine sector. If not, don't worry; we're here to help you learn about potentiometers before moving on to our primary subject, which is the variety of potentiometers kinds. A potentiometer motor control is another name for the potentiometer. A potentiometer is a three-terminal resistor that allows the current flow to be manually adjusted by changing the opposition.
What is the type of potentiometers?

There are many different varieties of potentiometers on the market nowadays, but we will only cover the most common ones here. There are potentiometers that can be adjusted manually and those that are electrically controlled.

1. Rotary potentiometers 
2. Linear potentiometers
3. Digital Potentiometers

Now let us know about them one by one in brief:

Rotary potentiometers:
This motor speed potentiometer type is something that is very common nowadays and where the flexible wiper moves in an angular (circular) motion utilizing a knob or dial. It comprises two pins attached to a resistive component positioned in a semi-circular design and another related to a rotary knob. It can deliver a linear or logarithmic output with 10% to 20% tolerances. Their common utilization is in audio equipment to modify the audio volume.

Linear potentiometer: This type of potentiometer is also known as a slider or fader and it is just similar to the rotary potentiometer. But the only difference between both is that rather than moving in an angular motion, the linear potentiometer moves linearly.

Digital Potentiometer:
Moving on to the last one; A digital potentiometer is an electronic component that is controlled digitally that is similar to a potentiometer regarding analog functions. This is the device of three terminals and there are two pins connected to its end-to-end terminal and the last one is attached to the wiper terminal to modify the voltage.

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